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Trevor Abrahmsohn

Spear’s Review

First and foremost, Trevor Abrahmsohn is a dealmaker. The firm he founded, Glentree International, has been in business for nearly 50 years. As the longest-established agency for prime London property under the same management, Glentree specialises in the northwest London corridor, from St John’s Wood into Hampstead, Kenwood and Hampstead Garden Suburb, including the Bishops Avenue, also known as Billionaires’ Row.

‘We have an extremely high success rate,’ Abrahmsohn tells Spear’s, describing his somewhat unorthodox technique of getting deals over line by bringing buyer and seller together in person. ‘These strategic meetings are difficult to organise, but they are central to the way we operate. They are our USP.’

‘Three out of 10 deals can be closed on the phone. The rest require special talents.’ Abrahmsohn describes one such encounter when a high-value deal was closed after an acceptable price was eventually shouted through the vendor’s car door, seconds before he was whisked away from the meeting by his driver. Another was sealed only when the two parties agreed to settle the price with the toss of a coin. What’s more, they stuck to it.

‘We use techniques that are homespun,’ Abrahmsohn says. ‘But they deliver remarkable results.’ He adds that his firm’s mantra is: ‘Making the impossible possible; just takes a little longer.’

Adviser Profile

With Glentree’s MD, Trevor Abrahmsohn, on your side, any rental, acquisition or disposal will surely happen, preferably on the best terms possible. Most important of all, the participants in the transaction should enjoy the journey and always reach their chosen destination in good shape! His prized ‘little black book’ includes some of the wealthiest families in the world, who rely on his team exclusively – for property guidance and a great deal more besides.

Probity, decency and professionalism underscore the company’s ethos, and ‘they never renege on their promises’ and always deliver the goods – regardless of the effort or time.

Rank: Top Recommended

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