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Thomas Eymond-Laritaz

Spear’s Review

A curious thing happened when Spear’s met with Thomas Eymond-Laritaz, the founder and CEO of reputation management advisory firm Highgate. The bespectacled Frenchman decried the lack of trust in politics, business and the media – and appeared completely earnest and authentic as he did it.

Maybe he is a gifted actor. After all, some communications professionals have been known to operate in the grey areas of omission, half-truth and misdirection. Maybe, though, he really does believe what he says: that restoring trust in institutions and people through ‘compelling, authentic content’ really is the best policy.

At any rate, he is not naive. His firm uses a proprietary tool, an online reputation scoreboard, to quantify the quality of clients’ reputations – and develops a strategy from there. Clients include CEOs and heads of state.

Adviser Profile

Thomas Eymond-Laritaz is the Founder & CEO of Highgate, a global advisory firm helping clients navigate high-stakes issues at the intersection of business, government and society. Thomas has advised more than a dozen Presidents and numerous CEOs and prominent individuals throughout the world. 

Thomas worked for the French Prime Minister in Paris, and served as senior political adviser to the Bulgarian Prime Minister in Sofia and to the Georgian President in Tbilisi. He worked for five years in Kyiv as Chief of Staff to Victor Pinchuk, one of Ukraine's most prominent investors. Before setting up Highgate, Thomas served as Managing Director at Mercury and Executive Director at APCO Worldwide in London.

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