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Fraser Slater

Spear’s Review

Fraser Slater entered the Spear's rankings as the CEO of Ludgrove Property, a thoroughbred buying agency with a unique view of prime London’s off-market landscape. However, in 2023 he moved away from the property industry to become founder and CEO of Kingsdown Capital, a global long/short equity fund slated for launch in 2024. 

The switch represents a return to an arena that Slater already knows well. He initially established Ludgrove in 2015 after almost a decade managing a personal equity portfolio which delivered ‘significant and consistent outperformance’ against stock market indices.

Slater previously told Spear’s that Ludgrove was the only buying agency to produce such comprehensive market reports for HNWs. Its research has been featured in publications such as The Spectator and The Times, which he cited as testament to its deep knowledge of the prime development world.

‘When I set up Ludgrove I found it astonishing there was virtually no fundamental research on a market valued at £140 billion,’ said Slater. ‘For many this is the most significant purchase of their lives and the majority of buyers lack the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.'

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