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Fraser Slater

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Fraser Slater is the CEO of Ludgrove Property, a thoroughbred buying agency with a unique view of prime London’s off-market landscape. The firm identifies that a quarter of all properties above the £1 million mark are sold privately, and this is where it proposes to add value to clients through its analysis and ‘extensive network of contacts’.

Slater tells Spear’s that it is the only buying agency that conducts in-depth research and produces comprehensive market reports for HNWs. Its research has also been featured in publications such as The Spectator and The Times, which he says is testament to its deep knowledge of the prime development world.

Slater set up the Mayfair firm in 2015 after spending almost a decade managing a personal equity portfolio which delivered ‘significant and consistent outperformance’ against stock market indices.

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Frustrated by the lack of research on the prime London property market, former fund manager Fraser Slater established Ludgrove Property.

‘When I set up Ludgrove I found it astonishing there was virtually no fundamental research on a market valued at £140 billion,’ says Slater. ‘For many this is the most significant purchase of their lives and the majority of buyers lack the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.

‘Ludgrove is now the only UK buying agency to conduct “buy-side” market research as well as a detailed appraisals of each property. Our buyers therefore have an “information edge” over other buyers, understanding the local market, the property's true value, its strengths, weakness and opportunities as well as any financial upside that may come from development.’

The agency acts for individuals, private families and family offices on residential purchases and is now one of the few ranked as one of the UK’s top buying agencies by Spear’s, Prime Resi and EPrivate Client. Their research features in publications such as The Times, Forbes Magazine, Property Week, PrimeResi, Mansion Global and others.

A leading City of London real estate analyst and Ludgrove client recently described the firm as: ‘One of London’s leading buying agents, run by a team with intimate knowledge of the market. They are one of the most reliable and informative … highly recommended to those seeking an impartial view.’

Husband and wife founders Fraser and Isabella Slater are long-term residents of prime central London having lived in the area for over 20 years. They also have first-hand experience of developing in the area, having carried out a number of successful projects in Kensington, Notting Hill and Chelsea.

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