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Charles Enderby Smith

Spear's Review 

Charles Enderby Smith is a partner at Carter Ruck where he specialises in media disputes and sanctions. 

He often advises high-profile UHNW individuals on issues that have an international and multi-jurisdictional context. 

For example, he successfully represented Juan Carlos, the former King of Spain, when a multi-million-pound harassment claim was brought against him to the High Court of England and Wales. 

Enderby Smith told Spear’s that as much as he enjoys the technical and intellectual nature of his work, it is the human element that he finds the most satisfying. he said: ‘When clients come to me, they are often in trouble with an issue they care about deeply.  They are relying on you to help them fix it, and there is nothing more satisfying than when you are able to do just that.’ 

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