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THINK Global School


The world’s first travelling high school

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Average SAT score: 1250

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An international alternative to traditional high schools, THINK Global School takes bright, inquisitive children aged between 15 and 18 and takes them around the world to live and learn in four different countries each year.

Students undertake a week of online study followed by a seven-week period in a single country, then return to their homes for the next five weeks, repeating the cycle throughout the year. Greece is a frequent destination to learn about classical civilisation, but other ‘terms’ have taken place in Botswana, Panama, Australia and Japan. Local host schools offer facilities where required, but THINK faculty members travel with the pupils to offer classes wherever they are. Graduation comes with a US high school diploma.

Head teacher

Andy Wood brings a wealth of international experience to his role as head of school, having led schools in Dubai, Cape Town and the Bahamas. He joined THINK Global School following his time as the founding principal of Green School South Africa.

Wood strikes a balance between robust experience, innovative practices, and a readiness to tackle the exciting challenge of guiding THINK Global School. He is wholly committed to the school’s vision of transforming students into compassionate individuals who are curious and knowledgeable about the world and motivated to affect meaningful change.

He received his secondary education at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town, South Africa, before proceeding to the University of Cape Town where he obtained an honours degree in geography, with English as his second major. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in school management from Henley College and has completed school leadership courses at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


According to the school:

The admissions process has five steps. As part of the initial application, prospective students submit student and parent questionnaires, their most recent grade report and an emotional quotient questionnaire. Scholarship applications can also be submitted during this step. Selected applicants and their parents will be scheduled for a one-hour video interview with the admissions staff to discuss educational and personal goals. Successful candidates from the interview will need to complete a full online application. This involves additional documents such as previous years’ school transcripts, recommendation forms from a school counsellor and English teacher, and a VIA character strengths assessment. Chosen applicants will participate in final interviews with the faculty via video conference, possibly involving multiple sessions. The final admission decision is sent to students within a few months of the close of the application deadline.

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