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Westminster Under School


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Spear’s Review

Westminster Under describes itself as a ‘happy, high-achieving prep school for boys aged 7 to 13’. Founded in 1943, its history is not quite as extensive as its larger sibling the Westminster School, which can trace its origins to the 14th century, but the two share more than a name.

Both are built on a liberal tradition, encouraging curiosity and resourcefulness as well as a sense of social service. Most boys do go through to Westminster, either by the day or boarding, but others peel off to Eton or Winchester College.

Head teacher

Kate Jefferson grew up in Hampshire. She read law at Girton College, Cambridge, before completing an LLM in European trade and commercial law at St Chad’s College, Durham. More recently, Jefferson gained her NPQH qualification at the Institute of Education, UCL. She worked with the Future Academies Trust for seven years, as the headteacher of Pimlico Primary and then of Millbank Academy. She became master at Westminster Under in 2021.


According to the school: 

The main entry points for Westminster Under School are at 7+, 8+ and 11+. Each year approximately 22 new boys are admitted to the Under School into both 7+ and 8+, with 28 joining at 11+. At all ages the school looks for potential – for those who have natural ability and will, therefore, thrive – rather than intensely tutored boys.

At 7+ and 8+ the entrance assessment includes papers in mathematics, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Based on the results of these, selected boys are called back to the second round, which includes further tests in English and maths along with classroom activities and an interview session. Entry at 11+ begins with ISEB common pre-tests in mathematics, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, before selected boys sit further papers in mathematics and English. Interviews with each boy then follow. Entry into the Under School at age 11+ guarantees a place at Westminster School at 13+.

Feeder schools

Whetherby Prep School, Eaton House Belgravia, Garden House Boys School.

Destination schools

Westminster School, Eton College, Winchester College.


Heathrow; 40 minutes


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