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Simon Henderson, head master of Eton College, one of the UK’s most prestigious schools, helps to shape the early years of future elites. Yet he has been criticised by some Old Etonians and disgruntled former teachers for his regard for the ideals of diversity and equality

The list of notable Old Etonians is far longer than a Spear’s review has room for – prime ministers, kings, Nobel laureates, writers, lawyers, captains of industry and archbishops fill the corridors – but Henderson is keen to promote greater access to the privileges his school can confer. 

Partnerships with schools across the country have been forged and deepened, free and assisted places expanded, and remote learning facilities opened up. 

In a rare interview in 2020, Henderson told The Times: ‘I feel the right thing now is to share our wealth, resources and expertise. It’s the right example to set our boys.’

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2023, Power List

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