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Dr Elisa Facco

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Dr Elisa Facco is an excellent practitioner in the fields of cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery with a dedicated following at the Harley St Dental Clinic.

She graduated with honours in Medicine and Odontology in November 2004 at Padua University and trained at some of the most prestigious dental schools and clinics in Europe, including Saint Raphael Hospital in Milan and University Descartes of Paris.

After moving to London, she sought to make dentistry in the UK more holistic. As part of this endeavour, she says that she developed ‘a strong passion for holistic medicine and the connection between oral health and a person’s overall well-being.’

Dr Facco is fluent in English, French and Italian.

Adviser Profile

Dr Elisa Facco’s dentistry career started with her childhood dream: to become a doctor. From there, she studied medicine together with dentistry. ‘I always wanted my contribution to be about making people feel better,’ she says.

While she had recognised her role in achieving this through dentistry, she’d underestimated the extent of its impact and points to her time practising paediatric dentistry as a turning point. ‘When I was in Italy, I had a six-year-old patient. After looking at her mouth, I suspected something was wrong with her health and thought that it might be leukaemia. The oncologist was then able to treat the little girl on time. When the parents asked me how I realised the cause of her ill health, I told them that it was because the mouth can be a window to the general status to the health of a human being,’ she recounts to Spear’s. ‘From then on, I understood the importance of the link between oral health and the body.’

Now at the helm of the Harley Street Dental Clinic, she hopes to pioneer a new form of dentistry - one that is bespoke and holistic. Following this holistic approach, a service that will soon be launched is an innovative form of non-invasive testing. 

‘With the new non-invasive analysis that will be available to our patients, our clinicians might see from the report that you’re lacking in a certain vitamin and are more prone to feeling anxiety. If you have inflammation and need a dental implant, there’s a greater possibility that it could take you a long time to recover,’ she says. ‘But if we prepare you with the right supplements and approach, you could go to work the next day and feel like nothing happened.’ 

Dr Facco’s approach centres around the idea that different parts of the body are connected and in order to provide the highest level of care, a holistic solution that is bespoke to the patient is needed. As part of this goal, she often works with start-ups and looks for cutting-edge technology and techniques. 

She hopes that her ideas permeate throughout the dental industry in the UK but is optimistic that her work ‘is a step in the right direction’. 

Rank: Top Recommended

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