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Valentino Bau is the manager of the Oscuro cigar and fine spirits room at The Arts Club, the exclusive London private members’ establishment at 40 Dover St in Mayfair.

Bau has worked in Europe’s finest hotels, including the Grand Hotel des Bains in Venice, and restaurants such as the three-Michelin-star Waterside Inn in Bray, Berkshire, where he first became familiar with fine spirits and cigars, becoming a Master of Armagnac in 2018.

The Oscuro cigar lounge, where club members can use the humidors to store their own purchases, is very much Bau’s creation. 

Asked about the Arts Club’s members, he said: ‘People who need to be part of the world of art. The different types of art are united under the roof of the Arts Club. Cigars, as well, are an art. Look around this neighbourhood, there are many places you can buy cigars, but here, we have the philosophy to make a place you will remember.’

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