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Schneider Financial Solutions

SCHNEIDER FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS comprises a team of experts providing innovative, transparent, and discreet litigation lending. Since 2013, we have been trusted to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients, including private individuals, trustees, corporates, charities, and law firms in a broad range of contentious and non-contentious circumstances.

We provide industry leading finance products and set the benchmark for efficient, flexible, and responsible lending and funding solutions. We have earned a reputation as the pre-eminent team dealing with matrimonial and private client disputes and we have helped catalyse the growth of several law firms through reliability, speed and understanding.


As one of the first generation of litigation lenders in the market, our experience of funding litigation is second to none. We have built a team of experienced lawyers and finance professionals who are experts in their fields. These experts enable us to assess cases, even unusual ones, on their merits. We give direct access to those involved in our underwriting decisions who can provide indicative decisions without the need for completion of lengthy application forms.


With in-house expertise and full control over our funding decisions we can move faster and with greater flexibility than others in the market in approving applications and developing bespoke solutions. With significant access to capital, payments are made immediately, ensuring continuity, efficiency, and peace of mind for our clients. We fund cases at the outset or later in the litigation process, including standalone enforcement funding.


We continually strive to develop new and innovative funding solutions across a range of practice areas, ensuring clients and solicitors have access to funding structures that meet their needs. Our deep understanding of the law, litigation tactics and processes mean we can quickly assess even the most complex cases and streamline our offerings, so they work for law firms and their clients alike.

Schneider Financial solutions was listed within the FT1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020.

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