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THE CARFAX EDUCATION GROUP comprises a range of businesses in the education and training sectors, focused on providing excellent education and advice to private clients, family offices, investors, institutions, non-governmental and international organizations. Such support ranges from guidance, tuition, and advice for families seeking to access the world’s leading schools and universities, to support with the establishment, acquisition, and management of educational institutions (including schools, nurseries, colleges, and universities).

Carfax is headquartered in London, and maintains offices in Oxford, Monaco, Moscow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong. Core businesses within the Carfax Education Group are:


Carfax Consultants is an education consultancy providing support for families seeking to gain access to:

• Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League colleges, and other leading universities

• Leading boarding schools in the UK, the USA, and Switzerland

• Top day schools, and nurseries in London

• Specialist institutions, from medical schools and music conservatoires to graduate law and business schools

• Other institutions on request. Carfax consultants provide expert guidance based on their extensive professional and first-hand personal experience.


Carfax Tutors is a network of tutor agencies, representing some of the most experienced and sought-after tutors in the profession. Based at the firm’s offices around the world, they provide expert tuition in all subjects, and at all levels. Uniquely, the tuition they offered is supervised and quality-assured by an Oxford-based registered independent school.


Carfax College is a unique boarding school in Oxford, in which all courses are delivered through one-to-one tuition, with an individual curriculum developed for each pupil. Pupils can join the school at any time in the year with term and holiday dates infinetely adjustable to suit families’ needs.


Carfax College, Online is one of the very few fully-online secondary schools in the world. Each pupil is in a class of one and receives full range of tuition according to IGCSE or A level curriculum. Being a registered independent school, the standard of educational provision, pastoral care, and safeguarding is the same that is offered by Carfax College in Oxford, irrespective of where in the world the pupil may be based. A feature important to many globally mobile parents whether home-schooling their children or not, is the registered status of the school that allows them to obtain official school attendance and transfer certificates.


Carfax Guardians provide pastoral support and guidance to children who are away from their families, either at boarding school or university.


Carfax Projects is a strategy consulting firm specialized in education investments, policy, and management. Its work ranges from school start-ups and strategic support, through to advising investors, operators, family offices, governments, and intergovernmental organisations. Carfax has experience of running and managing schools on behalf of its clients, having done so in the Americas, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom.


Carfax Education also maintains a humanitarian practice, working with philanthropists and donors in the world’s most challenging contexts, including recent work in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, and Afghanistan.


Online secondary school based at an existing school in Oxford; Oxbridge, Ivy League, and secondary school admissions support; Tutoring face to face in key global cities and online; Educational planning for globally mobile families


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