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We are a global Multi-Family Office that manages the total needs for a select number of ultra-high net worth globally situated families. We provide a unique and bespoke service to each client with expert knowledge in investment management, wealth advisory/structuring, philanthropy, cross-border planning and corporate finance advisory. Each family receives a tailored single family office service catering for their needs extending from advice on liquid/illiquid investments, composition of bespoke plans for each family member, to transferring wealth between generations.

TwinFocus ethos is 'Client Interests First', whilst remaining independent and objective. Our differentiated approach is to deliver the multi-single family office experience bespoke to each of our family's unique needs, goals and values. We are entrusted by families with over $7BN of client assets globally as of March 2021.

Our core MFO services are:

• Investment Management – research, consulting, advisory and discretionary mandates across all liquid and illiquid asset classes to deliver strong risk adjusted returns.

• Wealth Advisory & Structuring – global asset holding structures reviewed from a tax, regulatory and legal perspective to efficiently preserve and grow wealth.

• Technology & Reporting – across the family's entire balance sheet and asset holding structures to provide transparency and keep families informed.

• Philanthropy – advice, guidance, creation and running of charitable entities, organisations and endeavours to maximise impact of donations.

• Corporate Finance Advisory – capital raise solutions, creation and operation of single/multi-asset funds and the sale of privately owned businesses/IPO to facilitate efficiency and growth.

TwinFocus also offer services more traditionally associated with Single Family Offices:

• Family Governance

• Next Generation Wealth Education

• Oversight/consulting of client owned operating businesses

• Cashflow planning

• Trust administration

• Life, medical and term insurance

• Investment Banking

• Risk management

• Asset Management (Real Estate, Collectibles, etc.)

We combine our unique expertise and extensive network of the industry's most respected service providers to deliver a holistic balance sheet approach with the ability to seamlessly manage and report on multiple layers of entities across international borders.

TwinFocus take a forward-looking approach in identifying trends which impact our families, drive markets, and have tax and regulatory impact long term. Whilst others may consider a risk brought about by change, we carefully consider the investment and wealth planning opportunity for our families, as part of our on-going research, tax and investment management approach.

By way of example, we advise both the first and second generation for one of our client families on their liquid and illiquid investments. There is currently a transition of decision-making between the 2 generations, and we have run workshops with the family to understand what each individual family member's goals, aspirations, strengths and development areas are. We then compose a working plan for how the NextGen can be engaged into the operating businesses, how they are remunerated/incentivised and what their involvement should be regarding the family's investment assets.

This involved regular facilitation of 'family summits' to help inform what the changing landscape may mean for each member, and the family as a whole, adapting the plan accordingly to ensure it remains effective, flexible and relevant.

Globally, TwinFocus employ highly technical and passionate individuals who can add value to our families. Our London based investment/wealth structuring professionals have over 75 years of combined industry experience dedicated to serving family clients with top tier firms such as J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Deloitte.

TwinFocus have a variety of fee structures;

• Total balance sheet basis point fee – a basis point fee on the total net asset position of clients' overall balance sheet (i.e., liquid & illiquid). This enables true conflict free advice as there is no inherent conflict to press for liquid assets.

• Management fee & carried interest – when appropriate, we charge in line with a typical private equity fund i.e. a fixed percentage annual management fee with a performance based fee above a performance hurdle. This aligns our interests with clients/investors to achieve the best return possible for them.

• Fixed fee/retainer – where a basis point fee on total balance sheet value would not be appropriate, e.g. illiquid families or those with substantial balance sheets. In such cases, we charge a fixed fee/retainer for our MFO services that is mutually agreed and based upon the projected inputs required over the coming 12-month period. These are reviewed regularly to ensure it is fair and reflective of the value added and work undertaken.


United Kingdom


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