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ROTHSCHILD & CO's Wealth Management business provides a comprehensive range of wealth management services to some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, families, foundations and charities.

The Rothschild family, one of the few to have successfully preserved their wealth over many generations, continues to lead the business. We aim to replicate their success by using our experience and practical knowledge to tackle the issues wealth owners face and help them to protect their assets.

We understand that our clients and their families have worked hard to build their fortune. This means that they can be conservative with their wealth, looking to us to grow the real value of their capital, without taking any unnecessary risks. We therefore seek to be sensible custodians, managing our clients' money as if it were our own.

Our Clients

Our clients come from all walks of life including tech entrepreneurs, foundations, business owners, film makers and academic institutions, as well as families that made their wealth in previous generations.

While there is no typical Rothschild & Co client, in line with the Rothschild family's entrepreneurial background and our Global Advisory division's position as one of the world's most active investment banks, some 80 per cent of our clients have created their own wealth. We work closely with our corporate colleagues to champion entrepreneurs' personal financial interests and support them with the complex investment and wealth planning needs that arise when preparing to sell a business.

We are thrilled to attract new clients and grow assets under management, but we regard positive feedback and a high referral rate from existing clients as our most meaningful measure of success. Our client retention rate in the UK is 97% and more than two-thirds of our clients have recommended us to a friend. We always strive for exceptional client service – a recent survey found that we lead the industry in client satisfaction and we won Spear's inaugural Client Relationship Award 2022. However, we are never complacent and are continuously focused on how we can improve our service.

Our Investment Principles

As an independent and family-controlled business, we have the freedom to make impartial decisions, focused on generating the best returns for our clients. We seek to invest in a way that is sustainable, sensible, focused and patient, holding assets that increase in value over time, beat inflation, while avoiding large losses along the way.

Our family-controlled ownership gives us the benefit of a long-term investment horizon that allows us to cut through short-term noise and focus on what really matters. We can act and think like business owners and build active partnerships with the companies and funds that we invest in, as we believe this creates real value for our clients.

It is our firm belief that owning great businesses is the best way to preserve and grow wealth in real terms. As even modest levels of inflation erode the real value of capital over time, our investment objective is to outpace inflation and generate sustained returns. We do this by finding high quality companies with pricing power and high barriers to entry.

As long-term investors, we want to own high-quality businesses that have resilient business models and sustainable business practices. It is our view that sustainability factors cannot be separated from economic factors and are inherently part of the long-term risks and opportunities of any company. Sustainability analysis is therefore explicitly integrated into our investment process.

Our in-depth research on companies means that we invest with conviction while minimising the risk of permanent capital loss. Taken together, we build sensibly diversified portfolios, combining investments in high-quality companies with true diversifiers. We seek out assets that provide genuine protection in periods of market stress, allowing us to be on the front foot and smoothing the journey for our clients, through our distinctive investment approach.


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