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Mayfair-based Montfort was founded in 2014 and is headed by three PR industry leaders: Hugh Morrison, Nick Miles and Gay Collins. Morrison and Miles had previously led Financial Dynamics and subsequently co-founded M:Communications, a leading international corporate communications firm. Collins heads the financial services team at Montfort.

The firm is defined by their total discretion and loyalty to clients. With a diverse, highly specialised set of skills and expertise – and the breadth and depth of resource and contacts to get the job done with a minimum of fuss and optimal impact – they help clients build a compelling narrative and communicate it to the stakeholders that matter, via traditional media, digital and social channels and direct engagement.

Their years of experience give them valuable insight. They are never afraid to give direct advice and offer staunch support, and will never advocate 'noise' if silence and careful contemplation are the better options. The firm knows the value of loyalty, relationships and personal commitment; their senior team lead every account, and clients stay with them, often for decades.

Their unique processes allow them to create an actionable plan rather than merely responding to a situation, taking time to develop a nuanced understanding of any relevant legal proceedings, to deal with the media and other stakeholders when the dispute goes to court. They have worked on large-scale, high-profile, strategic, transactional and contentious matters across sectors and jurisdictions, and succeed because their team has the right mix of skills to provide optimum results. If the worst should happen, they will be there by your side. There is little they haven't seen over the years.


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