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Lincoln is an independent Private Investment Office, jointly owned by the team and our clients. Our core view is that the shareholders of a wealth management business should care about exceptional service and long-term investment performance, rather than driving profits at the expense of clients and their families. By only having clients as shareholders at Lincoln, this ethos is assured. The transparency we provide to our shareholders is for the benefit of all our clients. Their presence ensures that we remain focused at all times on delivering on our responsibilities to our clients.

Everything we do is about ensuring we are as aligned as we can be. One of the best examples of this is that we require all team members to invest their own money alongside our clients’, meaning that if we lose money for our clients, we lose money for ourselves and our families too. With our own assets committed, we remain focused in a way that few other wealth management businesses are and demonstrate the courage of our convictions.

Lincoln’s focus is on investment management, centred on two key services: Discretionary and Advisory. We believe that the core of our clients’ wealth should be managed in a transparent and easily accessible manner within a Discretionary portfolio. Our strength is in truly understanding our clients and building a long-term asset allocation that is personal to them, rather than conforming to a pre-defined risk profile. We source and access the very best investments and deliver fair, flexible and unconflicted wealth management advice to our clients. We do not have any of our own products, nor do we conform to a particular investment style.

We also offer high quality alternative investments on an advisory basis, which present the opportunity for further diversification. We do not believe that private equity, hedge funds and property should be managed in a discretionary portfolio. These investments have the potential to deliver significant returns, however, are often less liquid and may be higher risk. We are fortunate to have a very strong network which gives us access to a large number of such opportunities, many of which are not accessible elsewhere.

Additionally, we help clients with a wide range of connect services such as Cash Management, Financial Planning and Debt Advisory as part of our Family Office Services offering. We have a strong network of trusted specialists whom we introduce our clients to when they wish us to do so.




32 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W 0DH

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