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Mayfair-based genetics clinic BelleCell describes itself as the ‘home of biohacking’, where clients are provided with ‘hyper-personalised science-based solutions to health, wellness and beauty’. 

The clinic offers a wide range of services which stem from innovative DNA analysis. Clients can discover their genetic propensity to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer, and can even find out their skin collagen degradation rate and UV protection ability. The clinic then recommends the most appropriate skincare routine, micronutrient supplements and diet to ensure that one’s body is operating at its maximum performance according to their genetic makeup. 

BelleCell claims that its methods can boost immune systems, aid in weight loss, enhance sleep quality, reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery, in addition to a number of other benefits. 

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2022, Genetics Clinics

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