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EXPERIENCE HAS TAUGHT Saffery Champness, founded in 1855, how long-term planning can be the single biggest factor in achieving their clients’ financial, business and personal ambitions. 165 years of continuous history means they often serve clients from one generation to the next, in good times and bad, always focusing on getting them to where they want to be.

Established in Guernsey in 1977 and one of the largest independent providers of fiduciary services on the island, Saffery Champness Registered Fiduciaries has been providing bespoke fiduciary services for more than 40 years. In 2008, they established their Geneva office and in 2018 opened in Dubai, establishing a Cayman Islands offering in 2020.

Remaining a constant companion to their clients on their life journey, like all families this relationship deepens and develops with each successive generation. They proactively work with Family Office clients and their team of taxation, legal, financial and investment advisers, co-ordinating all aspects of their clients business and family life. With corporate and fiduciary structuring, clients’ affairs are organised to ensure oversight, control, distribution and benefit.

They establish appropriate, robust, multi-jurisdictional and often complex, structures across different asset classes and administer them as diligent trustees and directors. These structures typically include private trust companies, foundations, corporations, private investment vehicles and even listed companies, all requiring the oversight of a trusted and capable partner.

They have extensive experience in the structuring and execution of social, ethical and sustainable investments and co-ordinate activity to help clients achieve their philanthropic objectives.

Meanwhile, the firm’s unique combination of heritage, reputation, ability, experience, international reach and – most importantly – independence is unmatched. Their ownership structure means the firm has an open architecture that allows them to work with the best third party advisers for their clients’ needs.


Family office services; ESG/philanthropy; Non-standard assets


United Kingdom

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