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IN LATE 2015, a new name emerged in the bullion sector. The company was Direct Bullion London, and the founders Paul Taylor and Sonny Dobran had a vision to bring to the market a stable, physical investment and pair it with old fashioned customer service values.

Fearing that the investment sector’s integrity was waning just at a time when bonds, stocks, and most other paper investment prices were at record highs, the London-based duo decided that it was time to share their passion for physical gold with the rest of the world.

As we enter one of the longest stock bull markets in history, the pair believe that in regard to investing “if you can’t touch it, you don’t own it” is more significant than ever.

From the Mayfair head office, Direct Bullion cater for a diverse clientele. The business to this point has been built on their reputation for integrity, discretion and professionalism, and by doing so have achieved long term relationships with national, international, HNW and UHNW individuals.


The company prides itself on its unique approach which combines the highest levels of customer service, product knowledge and above all else a constant commitment to offer individual clients or institutions a personal, tailored service of the highest quality.

Both Paul and Sonny are firm believers in the positive impact that physical bullion will have on your portfolio whether used for investment purposes or simply as a store of wealth. However, the pair are equally conscious of the negative impact that the mining industry can have on our environment. Therefore, they are proud to support local community projects both at home and abroad.

ETHICS & SPONSORSHIP At home, the company are proud sponsors of a local football team. Abroad, in regions where mining was once, or is still active they help support local families by sponsoring their children and making sure they have food and a chance to go to school, while also helping to protect some of Earth’s most vulnerable wildlife. Some of the charities they work with include Plan International, Panthera and The World Land Trust.

The pair hope that in time, Direct Bullion London will be recognised as the ethical bullion dealer.


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