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Thomas Eymond-Laritaz

Spear’s Review

A curious thing happened when Spear’s met with Thomas Eymond-Laritaz, the founder and CEO of reputation management advisory firm Highgate. The bespectacled Frenchman decried the lack of trust in politics, business and the media – and appeared completely earnest and authentic as he did it.

Maybe he is a gifted actor. After all, some communications professionals have been known to operate in the grey areas of omission, half-truth and misdirection. Maybe, though, he really does believe what he says: that restoring trust in institutions and people through ‘compelling, authentic content’ really is the best policy.

At any rate, he is not naive. His firm uses a proprietary tool, an online reputation scoreboard, to quantify the quality of clients’ reputations – clients who include CEOs and heads of state – and develops a strategy from there.

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