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Sophie Kilvert

Spear's Review

Sophie Kilvert, a director at Rothschild & Co, joined the firm at the end of 2019 with more than 15 years in the industry under her belt. She was previously a relationship manager at Seven Investment Management.

She is commended by the firm for her dedicated service to UHNWs, as they tell Spear’s that she has been ‘ably supporting clients through the financial challenges created over the past few years’.

She has also hosted ‘many podcasts and investment briefings’ for Rothschild & Co, which is part of the firm’s strategy to 'provide exceptional client service'. She currently looks after a growing UHNW client base which includes several multi-generational families, to whom the firm says she ‘provides holistic service’.

Adviser Profile

Sophie Kilvert was recruited by Rothschild & Co as a Director in its Wealth Management business in 2019 and has 18 years’ experience working with a wide variety of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families.

She notes that while all clients are individuals, they invariably look for excellent service and to trust their adviser. ‘The clients I look after are from a range of backgrounds, but many have sold a business and want to preserve and grow their recently acquired wealth across generations. They want to be treated fairly, listened to and supported when making difficult financial decisions,' she says.

According to Ms Kilvert, honesty is one of the key qualities that breed trust and long-lasting relationships. "That is not always easy, but it is important to have frank and objective conversations with clients which can sometimes include telling them, respectfully, when you don't agree with their decision," she observes. "Good communication is vital and breaking things down clearly without using jargon helps develop trust and satisfaction." 

She recommends a wealth framework as a useful tool to enable families to start structuring a plan which considers their future financial needs, by dividing assets into different 'pots', with varying degrees of risk and return. 

Kilvert finds working with multiple generations of families particularly rewarding, making sure that all members understand what is going on, not just those that are in control, or show the most enthusiasm! She notes that when working with younger members of a family, it is important to be approachable. ‘That said, working for a family firm which understands and has experienced the issues that many of our clients are facing, makes this holistic approach completely natural,’ she concludes.


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