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Simon Larkin MW

Spear's Review

When Simon Larkin says he got ‘side-tracked by wine’, it's less a euphemism and more a description of his career.

Instead of pursuing a City trade, he spent 14 years advising HNWs on their fine wine collections before establishing Atlas Fine Wines in 2010. The firm provides private clients seeking expert advice on collecting wines with the leverage of deep market knowledge and international networks.

The Atlas team offers clients a truly personal service. ‘We’re able to take someone from fairly early days, build their confidence and guide them to gradually understand what they’re looking to achieve,’ Larkin says.

Adviser Profile

A Master of Wine, Simon Larkin founded Atlas Fine Wines in 2010, after having worked for 14 years in a variety of roles with a traditional UK fine wine merchant.

He describes Atlas as a different kind of wine company as Atlas is not reliant on direct marketing to pitch to its clients and instead operates on a one-to-one basis for the majority of its sales. To operate in this manner demands a strong understanding of the client's requirements and it is this that underscores Atlas' highly personalised approach.

The company provides a bespoke service to HNWs whether they are looking to build a portfolio for consumption and/or investment. Larkin comments that 'at Atlas, we are keen to express our own views on the wines we offer, rather than simply parrot the words and scores of critics.' Certainly, the Atlas team, now 15 strong, is equipped to guide clients on all aspects of fine wine as well as the market. Sometimes outspoken, Larkin suggests that 'most fine wine is sold in an overly simplified way, glossing over the complexities.

In contrast, the Atlas approach is to provide the background and qualify our advice so that the client can understand our reasoning irrespective of the pitch.' With the acquisition of a company specialising in the sale of single bottles last year as well as the addition of annual online auctions focusing on the rarest wines in the world, Atlas' approach is certainly a recipe for growth.

The fact that Larkin is still so hands-on, and available to speak to clients each day only adds to the sense of a highly professional, niche fine wine provider in tune with its growing client base.

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