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Iain Younger

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Iain Younger advises high-net-worth individuals across a diverse range of generations, industries, backgrounds, and wealth levels. ‘What binds them together is the complexity of the US and/or UK “foreign tax” exposure. It’s in those complex situations that we add value.’

He joined Frank Hirth’s audit team in 2000 and has built the trust and estates service within its private client offering during his 20-year career at the firm. He joined the board of directors in 2016, and personally covers numerous areas of US and UK taxation for individuals and families, offering specialist advice relating to FATCA reporting. A 19-year mentorship under late chairman Paul Hocking provided him with invaluable experience of the private client space.

Adviser Profile

Covering ‘a full range of issues’ concerning private clients and offering ‘proactive, planning-based’ advice, Iain Younger provides his clients with ‘practical planning opportunities based upon a clear understanding of their goals for themselves and their families’, identifying potential pitfalls while creating efficient solutions.

The US international market is becoming increasingly complex, which is heightened when they also have UK exposure. Navigating two of the most complex tax systems can limit the planning available, but certainly does not mean nothing can be done. It’s essential to understand the parameters for each client and work with them to build and influence a strategy that meets their goals. Where the US and another jurisdiction is involved, avoidance of double taxation is the minimum that any planning is looking to achieve.

The pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of flexibility in any planning. Our clients span such a wide breadth of industries, personalities and motivations, which can certainly change. Planning needs to be reviewed accordingly.

Younger joined Frank Hirth’s audit team in 2000, and has built the trust and estates service within its private client offering during his 20-year plus career at the firm. He gained invaluable experience following his appointment to the board of directors in 2016, which allowed him to contribute to not only his practice area but to the firm as a whole.

The continued success of Frank Hirth has now entered a new chapter with the firm's acquisition by EY. This allows Iain to continue to grow his practice within the powerful EY network.

The ethos of ‘strong foundations, experience, collaboration and technical excellence’ remains within EY Frank Hirth and he strongly believes in their ability to service clients of the highest calibre, with the help of his wider team that he has “the utmost respect and trust” for.

Rank: Top Ten

Top Ten 2021, Accountants & Tax Advisers

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