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Annamaria Koerling

Spear's Review

Annamaria Koerling plied her trade at Cazenove and became head of wealth management at C. Hoare & Co. before co-founding Owl Private Office in 2017.

The firm subsequently underwent a 'de-merger' to allow its key figures to specialise in the type of work and client-base that suits them best. This gave rise to Delfin Private Office, 'an overarching advisory business offering family office services to global families', where Koerling is managing partner.

Anyone seeking to understand Koerling's approach to investing could do worse than pick up a copy of Spear's magazine, where she writes a regular column that explores the issues affecting the markets and those who participate in them. Recent topics have ranged from the importance of due diligence to the nature of risk and the rise of retail day-traders.

Adviser Profile

‘Delfin are focused on empowering families to put in place solutions taking into consideration the financial, human, geographic and social dimensions so important to their well-being,’ says Annamaria Koerling. ‘We call it “future-proofing your wealth”. These principles ensure portfolios have the right mix of offensive and defensive characteristics.’

Delfin’s business continues to expand internationally, finding that ‘clients want access to diversity of thinking and this means sourcing investment solutions globally.’

Cambridge graduate Annamaria has 28 years’ experience in guiding families in their wealth decisions. She is an active angel investor with a particular interest in female-led disruptive businesses. She is an experienced non-executive, with roles as Commissioner of the Jersey Financial Services Commission and Chair of Private Equity MFO Praesidium.

Rank: Top Ten

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52 Jermyn Street London, SW1Y 6LX United Kingdom

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