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Alex Cooke

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‘Our business is to provide intelligent, fast and effective litigation finance solutions that cover legal fees and disbursements to the conclusion of our client’s case,’ says Alex Cooke, co-founder of Schneider Financial Solutions.

With a particular focus on matrimonial and private client litigation, Cooke says that the firm’s services can be used to ‘level the playing field’ for the financially weaker party in a case, or, alternatively, to provide a logical solution for financially dominant parties. ‘Our funding has delivered access to justice for many clients that otherwise would not have been able to secure legal representation,’ he adds.

The former consultant to the wealth industry says that Schneider’s growth is down to the fact that its knowledge of the field is ‘second to none’.

Adviser Profile

Alex is CEO and co-founder of Schneider Financial Solutions, the pre-eminent litigation finance provider to the matrimonial and private client sectors and listed within the FT1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020. 

Whilst much of his time is spent executing the company’s vision for the future, dealing with key stakeholders and finance partners, Alex believes having an intimate understanding of the business is essential to its success, growth, and financial robustness. Having started the company from scratch, Alex has been involved across all facets of the business from concept and product development, business development, underwriting, compliance, and client liaison, standing him in good stead to tackle the demands of a fast growing, innovative, customer-focused regulated firm. 

Alex’s vision from the outset was to build a business able to fund cases across a spectrum of legal complexity. To achieve this, the company has grown to employ an increasing number of in-house solicitors to underwrite cases. 

Alex firmly believes that litigation finance in matrimonial and private client proceedings should, and will, become a consideration for all individuals (above a financial threshold) engaged in such litigation: 'Some of the world’s largest companies are using litigation finance, not because they can’t afford the legal fees, but to benefit from risk and liquidity advantages. We regularly see disputes with wealth tied up in properties, investments, earmarked for future opportunities or simply required for day-to-day cash flow. Litigation is expensive and can easily consume hard earned financial gains. Historically there has been a lack of financing options available to individuals, however this is no longer the case. Third party financing should be a consideration for all, not simply those with limited or already depleted funds.'

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Top Recommended 2021, Litigation Funding

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