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Jess Harris

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Jess Harris has worked as Quintessentially's head of education for more than seven years within Quintessentially Education, an arm of the concierge firm that specialises in private tuition, education advice and relocation support for international UHNW families.

She tells Spear's that the brand's network, with partners called 'lifestyle managers' on the ground working across more than 35 offices worldwide, is what makes the educational services they provide highly bespoke. Members and non-members alike can approach Harris and her team for support and the firm says that it helps 'candidates of all ages' with their educational goals.

'We work exclusively for our families, so we don't affiliate with any particular school or university,' she says. In an unregulated industry, independence of consultants can be 'a hazy line' as some 'operate as agents' instead, collecting commissions from some of the schools. She is proud of the fact that the firm applies a 'student-centered approach', which she says sets it apart from many others in the industry.

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Top Recommended 2023, Education

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