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Colin Cowie

Spear's Review

Known ubiquitously as ‘Mr Wedding’, Colin Cowie is renowned for his extraordinary events. His first step into the celebrity wedding industry was ironically thanks to Hugh Hefner who at the time, was engaged to playmate Kimberley Conrad. ‘I got to design the wedding of the world’s most famous bachelor,’ Cowie tells Spear’s

Since then, he has designed events for everyone from Oprah to Tom Cruise. He most recently organised the nuptials of Jennifer Lopez to Ben Affleck and the Emir of Qatar to his bride. One might be surprised to learn that the novelty hasn’t yet worn off for Cowie. ‘I’m as excited today as I was 37 years ago when I first started.’ 

Simultaneously, he sees his work as a large responsibility on his shoulders. ‘When you do it at the scale we do it, it really is a grand production. There’s no take two,’ he says. ‘Other than an air traffic controller, I think we probably have the second-most stressful job in the world.’ 

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