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‘[Our weddings] are not what most people think of as a wedding. The scale of them, the detail of them and the sheer number of people involved in them,’ says award-winning British wedding planner, Sarah Haywood. ‘The expectation is huge and we want to deliver on that expectation.’ 

The pressure is certainly turned up for Haywood who has organised weddings for pop stars, royalty and Fortune 500 CEOs. While she is unable to divulge to Spear’s the identity of her legendary clients — due to numerous NDAs — she does reveal that at the top end, she has seen couples spend up to £60 million on their big day.

With big price tags come big expectations and Haywood is committed to delivering first-class client service. She sums up her her approach neatly: 'if you've got to elevate the ordinary everyday, it's got to be extraordinary.' 

She is passionate about championing sustainability in the luxury wedding sector, an industry that is ironically considered to be decidedly unsustainable. But according to Haywood, it doesn’t have to be as complex as people might think. ‘Pretty much everything can be recycled or upcycled,’ she says. ‘From flowers to food, we try to educate our clients on what’s in season and what’s grown locally.’ 

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