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Preventative care

Dr Paul Jenkins

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Dr Paul Jenkins has always been passionate about the benefits of early detection of disease and the role that modern imaging techniques can play in healthcare. He established the European Scanning Centre in Harley Street and helped develop this department into becoming one of the UK's leading independent diagnostic imaging companies.

After qualifying with a degree in medical sciences at Cambridge University, Dr Jenkins undertook his clinical training at the Royal London Hospital. After completing his MD research degree he was appointed as senior lecturer and and honorary consultant endocrinologist. He also led the endocrine service at Homerton University Hospital for more than a decade. 

Dr Jenkins led an active research group into the interactions between hormones and cancer and has published more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific papers in this field. He was awarded academic grants for his research and is invited to lecture in the UK and abroad on his findings.

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Top Recommended 2022, Preventative Medicine, Health Screening & Anti-Ageing

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