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Helena Territt

Spear’s Review

Helena Territt is a performance coach with many years’ experience in organisational culture and HR who works with a wide range of executives and business leaders, with a particular interest in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD].

Territt is in the perfect position to understand the ways of thinking associated with people with ADHD, having been diagnosed with the condition herself well into a successful career. She learned how to take advantage of her difference, rather than seeing it as a problem.

Her consultancy now operates using two streams: Hatched Coaching and Hatched ADHD, with programmes tailored to the aptitudes and objectives of each individual client.

Adviser Profile

Helena is an experienced coach, keynote speaker and leadership consultant, with a specialism in neurodiversity. Her previous career spans start-ups, FTSE 100 companies and large government departments.

Helena was already working as an executive coach when she was diagnosed with ADHD in her 40s, and finally had the final piece of her jigsaw. She now works primarily with late-diagnosed neurodivergent adults, and is experienced with autism and ADHD.  

Helena loves coaching people who think differently, who like to challenge the status quo and who won’t stay in their lane; people who question the way things ‘should’ be. She recognises that the biggest success stories come with even bigger challenges to our sense of self and our impact on others. What you do doesn’t matter if you don’t know who you are and why you are doing it. 

As an ‘executive, neurodiversity coach’, Helena’s clients are bright, maverick, creative, non-conformist and often secretly struggling. Her previous clients include CEOs, surgeons, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, aristocracy, lawyers, professional athletes and musicians. Some of whom are ‘executives’ and many of whom are diagnosed ‘neurodivergent’. But all brilliant thinkers, doing things differently.

Helena’s approach is rooted in a combination of neuroscience, relational coaching and positive psychology. She provides appropriate challenge to dismantle unhelpful belief structures, and tailored models to support you in understanding your unique brain wiring.

Helena coaches globally via video conference and her discreet one-to-one programmes are tailored specifically to you. She has an MSc in Executive Coaching from the Ashridge Hult Business School, she is a Fellow of the CIPD and is certified by the ADD Coach Academy and the EMCC as a Senior Practitioner. Helena studied at Marlborough College, Oxford University and SOAS. She completed an Internship at Binder Hamlyn (later Accenture) and progressed to a career in specialist travel, before finding her niche in organisational culture and leadership for 15 years.

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