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Chelsea Medics is a private GP practice with surgeries in three of London’s best neighbourhoods: Sydney Street in Chelsea, Welbeck Street near Harley Street and a last surgery embedded in the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

As part of their service they offer full genetics testing to screen for propensities toward future problems and two tailored personalised care packages: C.Me Fit and C.Medication.

C.Me Fit is a simple saliva test for genes that affect the way your body approaches fitness and exercise, and is used to develop a personal training and diet plan with the practice’s in-house nutritionist, physiotherapist and personal trainer. 

Company Profile

Chelsea Medics is a leading London Private GP clinic providing a range of comprehensive healthcare advice and treatment. Our aim is to provide the best medical care to our patients through our strong specialist relationships and empower you, the patient, with the latest technological advances to access your own health care records, make online bookings and payments, removing the stress from what are often difficult times. 

Our Healthcare Concierge service provides access to your very own private GP and a range of specialist healthcare services as and when you need them. Whether you require support and advice regarding preventative healthcare or have a particular health concern you wish to discuss, our highly qualified, independent, and experienced General Practitioners are on hand when you need them. 

We offer flexible and rapid access, often with same-day appointments, either face to face or via virtual consultation. Using the latest breakthroughs in genetic testing we provide a range of bespoke, individually tailored treatment packages. 

C.Me Fit is a tailored, integrated genetic, blood, dietetic and fitness programme. Our C.Medication service is where we use pharmacogenomics to study your genetic make-up and provide personalised medication. This ensures optimal outcomes as the medication is tailored specifically for you. 



Our comprehensive service does not stop there. With our virtual specialist referral service, we can provide rapid access to world-renowned consultants and other health specialists should the need arise. We will ensure the continuity of your care, co-ordinating access to further medical specialists where needed and providing you with complete peace of mind. 

No matter where life takes you, our Healthcare Concierge service will be on hand providing access to a Private GP and a wealth of specialist support if required. 

Chelsea Medics

Chelsea Medics

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102 Sydney Street, London SW3 6NJ

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