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Helena Berman

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Helena Berman is described as a leading industry figure by her firm Stephenson Harwood and has more than 20 years’ experience in complex, high-value contentious trust disputes. She has also been cited as being among Citywealth's ‘Top 10 Powerwomen Trust Litigators’ and ‘Top 100 Trust Litigators and Polymaths’.

The firm's head of pensions disputes, she acted for Michael and Alison Garlick, former owners of Premier League club Burnley, who were ‘persuaded by fraudsters Aston Court Chambers and its principal James O'Toole to transfer funds into an offshore investment in Mauritius and out of our clients’ control,' she explains. ‘We initiated proceedings in the English High Court, made various applications in Mauritius and successfully liaised with the liquidator to recover the funds paid into court.’

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