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Algernon Percy

Spear’s Review

Algernon Percy had big plans for Waverton, and through his relentless determination and grit, realised many of them. The firm rebranded from JO Hambro Investment Management in 2014, sharpened its focus on areas such as sustainability, and even started paying dividends. In early 2022, Waverton had more than £6.87 billion in assets under management.

HNWs may be worried about market volatility and geopolitical risk, but Waverton’s strong track record for investing in high-performing companies is reassuring for clients. ‘We can’t avoid all market corrections,’ Percy admits, ‘but what we can do is ensure that client portfolios are in good shape and that they come out of any corrections ultimately better off than they were when they went in.’

Rank: Recommended

Recommended 2023, HNW Wealth Managers

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