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Richard Morgan

Electric Classic Cars is a company based in rural mid-Wales that takes models from the 1950s to the 1980s, remove the petrol or diesel engines and install electric motors and battery boxes, leaving the owner with a more reliable, smooth and clean ride.

Known in the US for the television series based on their work, Vintage Voltage, in the UK they have built their reputation on inventive engineering, individually tailored for each project. Recent conversions have included Ferraris, Porsches, a DeLorean and a very rare Gordon Keeble. An increasing number of owners of very valuable cars are handing their treasures over.

Richard Morgan, founder, said, ‘I was surprised when I started converting when someone very quickly brought in a Porsche 911, I was expecting smaller city cars. But I learned that a lot of owners of classic supercars want to be able to drive them without worrying about getting where they’re going. I see it as like fitting modern heating to an old house. It’s still a beautiful house in the Chilterns, but now you can enjoy it every day.’  

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